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Updated October 2001. Added a link to an essay on BGC 2040's Linna as a modern woman in futuristic Japan. Kind of the anti-feminist's positive-ish take on feminism in 2040. ^_-;; I also added a link to The Perils of Nene-chan. Check out the loaded yuri hentai archive!

AniLesboCon Very cool, dedicated all those lesbians everyone loves.
Bubblegum Crisis Post 2040 A great fanfic based on the 2040 series.
Turning Tables Writings, including the one about 2040 Linna and utopian feminism (heheh, kind of).
Broken Shards Did Priss and Sylia have a "relationship"? nudge, wink
The Sylia Stingray 2040 Database Sylia, w00+.
MegaTokyo 2033 Bubblegum Crisis More complete information.
The Bubblegum Crash! Homepage If you liked Crash, you'll love this page.
A Fool's Guide to the Crisis Some funny parodies.
The Knight Sabers' Gallery Mostly Sylia, but also the others.
Mephisto's Bubblegum Crisis Page Yet more pictures.
The Shrine to Priss Asagiri Great Priss shrine.
The Temple of the Mountain Headlands VERY cool Linna shrine.

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