Lesbianism or Fetishism?

Almost every time I get e-mail about this site people ask me if I really think the BGC cast is composed entirely of lesbians. Of course I don't. I'm not narrowminded, stupid, or fetish-obsessed. I heard Fargo allude to a past with Sylia, I watched Priss smile approvingly when speaking of Leon, I know Linna has had at least a few boyfriends. I don't dwell on the supposed sexual tension from scene to scene. I do like to think about it though. Sometimes thinking about it will bring up perspectives you'd never have imagined before.

That's what I want to do: Introduce people to possibilities. It's hard though, because most of the focus on lesbians in anime falls on the gross misconception that all anime lesbians are there for men to drool over them. I hope you will all forgive me for pointing out how dumb that belief is. The same people who parade around and claim yaoi is high art will snub yuri. It's not fair. In fact, it's digusting.

I decided to make this site when I noticed how much attention was being paid to the raunchy aspects of anime lesbianism. My purpose: To prive not all anime lesbianism is fetishistic in nature. I think BGC deals to an extent with lesbianism, and I think it does so with grace and dignity. I think Priss' and Sylvie's relationship is beautiful and tragic. I don't spend any time thinking about what went on in their bedrooms; I'm happy just knowing the writers were able to write such a convincing love story. Yes, to me it is a love story. To you it may be a story about two good friends or one hot chick and her sexaroid love toy, but to me it was romance.

Some of the first BGC fanfics I read were about the girls falling in love with each other. At first I was enthralled by the openmindedness and acceptance the series' proposed subtexts found among fans, but soon I noticed that the people writing these stories were always writing about lesbians, and eventually I discovered that most of them would not write about heterosexual romance because it bored them. They were turning straight characters into lesbians because they were too unimaginative and shortsighted to see that all love has merit. Lesbians were sexy to these people. They were a way to let off steam. I stopped reading BGC fanfics a couple years ago because I got SO tired of seeing all the Knight Sabers turned into literary blow-up dolls.

My understanding is that the temporary majority of visitors to my site were lesbian fetishists who wanted to get their fix. Then they got bored because of the lack of erotica so they moved on. My continuing support comes from actual lesbians and other people sincerely interested in lesbianism as something other than a cheap whack job.

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