Fanfictions about the Female Cast

This is a small collection of fanfictions centered around the relationships between the women of Bubblegum Crisis. Some are lemons, but not all are. I will mark them accordingly so that no one is surprised by a sex scene between two Knight Sabers. ^_^ All the fanfictions were written by people other than myself; I'm not talented enough to do one correctly. ^_^ (Another gratutious smiley!) If you have any good fanfictions to add, please e-mail me.

All the stories are zipped (my text program doesn't wrap naturally so I can't post text files without getting flamed :). Stories are listed in alphabetical order. Most of them are very short.

This page was last updated in May 2001. Nothing was added, but I accidentally deleted one of SaberPrime's fanfics and I found out the file for Yearnings was corrupted. ;_; Does anyone have spares?

Fanfics stored here

  • Confessions Two Knight Sabers realize that they are in love with one another. *Lemon*

  • Eleven A rather brutal little fanfiction about the eleven regulations. A favorite of mine.

  • First Love Two of the Knight Sabers come to grips with their feelings for one another. *Lemon*

  • Love Upon the death of a friend, Priss Asagiri admits to herself and another a secret she has kept for years.

  • Sweet Melodies In a dream, Priss hears a beautiful song playing and follows the melody to a familiar face.

  • Sylia Stingray A brief poem about how Priss feels about Sylia.

    Fanfics stored remotely

  • Shehulk's Hideaway Lots of fanfics including some BGC stories, mostly about Sylia and Priss.

  • Bubblegum Crisis Post 2040 An ongoing fanfic series based on the BGC TV series.

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