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After a hiatus of YEARS I'm back! Where was I? I lost my password. ^^;;;;

June 2001: I added another analytical piece! I'm using the word analytical too freely here. It wasn't very analytical. Frankly I just pointed out really obvious details people sometimes miss in their quests to "prove" they're correct. I also fixed the index graphic. I guess it showed up as a broken image when people typed the URL in lowercase letters.

I wasn't too sorry when I lost my password. I didn't like the psychotically homophobic reaction my page got. It's just a simple site by a simple gal, not a debasement of every oh so moral bone in every oh so moral body of every oh so moral gay-basher. I only wanted to offer an alternate point of view to all those people who couldn't stand the idea of the Knight Sabers being lesbians. I don't think they're all lesbians either. I do think there are lesbian undertones to the show. I'm not out to prove Sylia and Priss are bonking each other when nobody's looking. I just want to present a viewpoint that has been unfairly treated as invalid since it isn't mainstream. That's all. I'm not trying to martyr myself over this. I hope everyone can be civil from now on.

Sorry about the rant. *sweatdrop* I'm just soooo tired of gays in anime for men being ignored, treated like second class characters, or sparking venomous debates. It's no fun watching BGC when everyone gets riled up over the unsuspecting fanboy (or fangirl, in my case) implying that maybe -- just maybe -- Priss isn't a straight as an arrow heterosexual. It's just an animated show from Japan. A damn good one, but still basically a cartoon series for adults. I like to talk about all the possibilities. Some people don't. I respect that. I ask that others please respect my decision to voice my thoughts. You are free to disagree with every word I type, but please do so politely.

I created this site for fun. I don't have a "mission" in mind since there's not a lot to prove. If I were really bored I guess I could catalogue all the crossdressing gays in shoujo manga, but that's SO been done. ^_- I'd like to put a little focus on the ladies. I think overanalysis is the best proof that a show has really captured its audience. Wouldn't you agree that it's better to read too much into something than to disregard it completely? Okay, maybe you wouldn't agree. But my philosophy is that entertaining isn't any good if it doesn't entertain after the tape has been popped out of the VCR. I like to extend the artist's vision beyond the film reel.

One guy e-mailed me and demanded to know why I don't have any porn here. The focus is on love between women. Hardcore sex does not constitute love between women. Lesbians do not exist to fulfill your every fetishistic desire. I wanted to move the spotlight to how the girls interact. That doesn't mean they're all drooling over each other day and night, but I like to think shoujo ai isn't too broad a term to apply it to the ladies of BGC.

If you have anything to say I can be reached at I'd really appreciate any submissions or opinions on what I have to say about BGC's characters. Have a fanfic you'd like me to post? Send it! Think I put too much focus on Nene gawking at Sylvie? Tell me! I'd like to keep the site up and running.