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A few days ago I was told I ran a shocking, offensive, immoral, indecent site.

Because it contained references to homosexuality and bisexuality in anime.

Not because I archive extensive collections or lemons or because I archive pornographic images or because I was taken to personal attacks and assault on others' beliefs. It was because it contained references to homosexuality. Free speech apparently begins and ends with what is popular with any single individual, and my site was not popular with that single individual.

Or many others like him.

I don't ask people to accept my beliefs as their own, but I'd like to be treated with some civility. Unfortunately small groups are frequently oppressed or ridiculed and single people are the most open targets of all. Acting on my own I have incited vulgarities, threats, defamation, pointless arguments, and a nonstop barrage of insults. I don't regret creating a site about so-called "alternate lifestyles" and I don't regret meeting with tension. I regret that some people can't show enough restraint to not accuse me of abnormal and sickening behavior just for having an opinion.

I therefore submit for the audience's consideration a weblog clique to connect likeminded people together. People who are open to thinking about and discussing boys' love, girls' love, yaoi, yuri, crossdressing, transsexuality, and other related subjects as they occur in anime and manga. This clique is dedicated to promoting openmindedness. You don't need to be an avid fan of yaoi and yuri to join, but you need to be willing to talk about it without gagging or resorting to childish name-calling. An opinion is a great thing to have. An intelligent, thought out, comprehensive, informed opinion you are willing to share with the world is much, MUCH better.


These rules make me sound a lot meaner and stricter than I am. ^_^; I'll admit you into the clique (assuming nothing goes wrong) within a week. If I don't admit you within two weeks it probably means that for some reason you didn't get in. Possible reasons: I can't access the server hosting your site, you never mention yaoi/yuri/etc, you act confrontational and/or spend all your time complaining (the world has enough crybabies), you've joined so many rings and cliques that it's obvious you just want more hits, and there are probably a few other reasons but those are the big ones.

All set? Here's the code:

It's very simple, right? Even people allergic to HTML can use this code easily.

Submit? Email me and I'll add you to the list of members.

Members? Get to know them here. This is an exhaustive list of all people who have joined this clique. Once I accept your site I'll add you to the list.

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